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At Moneyveo we use cutting-edge technologies to make financing available at your fingertips - just as it should be in the digital world.

We are focused on automation of all business processes and our technology enables us to make quick and efficient decisions based on thousands of data points.


We have the technological and operational know-how of the full business cycle: from marketing and making lending decisions to client support and dealing with NPLs.

Monthly issues

Our business model is highly scalable and allows us to minimize our expenditures while growing rapidly – we pride ourselves at being able to maintain a flexible team of under 50 people.


We use thousands of data points to make the quickest and most efficient lending decision possible. More than 90% of our decisions are fully automatic, meaning that we exclude human factor whatsoever and our customers receive instant decision


The proprietary technological platform is designed to have enough capacity to handle the large volume of data required to evaluate custom applications and flexible enough to capitalize on changing customer preferences, market trends and regularity requirements


We start gathering information about the customer from the moment he/she visits our web page. Of course, we have NPLs, and we mitigate them by partnering with collection agencies, and utilizing all available legal actions


Accept rate

Product Features

Flexible – we charge our customers only for the time they use the loan, early repayment is not overcharged and there is no minimum payment amount.

Prolongation – customers can change the repayment date after they repay the current interest.

Restructuring – when customers are unable to repay their loan we freeze their interest and come up with a unique payment plan.

Multiple ways to repay the loan – credit card, payment terminals,conventional bank transfer.

Rewards for loyal customers – returning customers can receive bigger loans with smaller interest rate and regularly receive promo codes with discounts.

Going Global

With our proven scalable business model we are poised to going global. Currently we operate in Ukraine and Mexico.


Michael Lyzanets, Founder

Mykhailo started Moneyveo after working in research at VTB Capital plc. in London. He has a MSc in Management degree from London Business School.

Valeriy Muratov, Co-founder

Valeriy has experience in asset management and investment banking, and together with his knowledge in international tax planning and structuring he is moving our company in the international arena.

Alex Banasevich, CTO

With 6 years experience in PDL projects Alex has exceptional experience in technologies, marketing and risk. Through market research, team building and development expertise Alex helped build our company from a scratch.

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